Getting Started with your Inquiry Hub Blog

Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of a blog!

This is a learning space you will use for many of your classes. It is also a public learning journal and even your portfolio space! Note that not everything has to be shared here, and you also have opportunities to create pages attached to this space.

Here are 3 steps to get you started, then some important instructions for you to get used to the ‘Back End’ of your blog (which starts with your Dashboard), and to personalize the look and feel of your new learning space.

Getting Started with your Inquiry Hub Blog

1. Go to your email and retrieve your username and password from the COL Campus email.

2. Click the link http:// YourBLOG that is in the email. Or you can access this from your blog’s side bar: (The ‘Home’ address without /wp-login.php at the end.)

3. Login using your username and password. Welcome to your blog!

This takes you to your Dashboard of your blog… that is the ‘Back End’ where you can fine tune your blog’s look and feel, and also adjust the key settings.

Things to do:

** The first task on the Dashboard is to go to Users -> Your Profile -> Change your password – KEEP IT PRIVATE! (You shouldn’t share your email password with friends, the same goes for your blog password!)

My Class -> Go to

…and follow the instructions. (You can adjust settings below first.)

Optional: Jetpack -> This is a great plugin that gives you stats and tools to

use, however you need to have a profile and this is

not essential, so try this later and focus on this space for now!


Appearance -> Themes -> Choose a Theme that you like! (Can change later)

       -> Themes -> Customize -> Change the Header (image)  etc.

       -> Widgets -> Change your sidebar – (Try adding a ClustrMap)

**Users -> Your Profile -> Change your password – KEEP IT PRIVATE!

Also add your ‘First Name’ & Last initial (in ‘Last Name’)

  -> Profile -> Your Avatar-> Use an image that isn’t copyrighted!

Settings ->  General -> You can change your Site Title and Tagline

     Timezone – Vancouver

  -> Blog Avatar-> Use an image that isn’t copyrighted!

– – – – –

Now you can delete or change your first post and make it your own!

And feel free to ask questions in the comments below…

chances are questions you have will also help other students!

Hello Inquiry Hub Students!

This Community site is set up as a Class Blog. This is a place where we will share news activities and events, as well as highlight student accomplishments. If you look over in the right-hand column, you’ll see a stream of recent blog posts from students and teachers, and also a link to your blog (once  you’ve followed the instructions below).

You will need to do the following 5 steps to connect your blog to this community blog.

Go to your blog’s address: and follow these steps:

1. Click on YourBlog’s name and choose ‘Dashboard’.

(You must be logged in using your username and password.)

2. Click on ‘My Class’.

3. Click on ‘Join a Class’.

4. In ‘Search for a site:’ type “community” and click ‘Search’.

5. Under ‘Inquiry Hub Blogging Community’ click:

    ‘Send a request to join’ …and you have joined the community!



More helpful information: When you started your blog, here is the greeting that you got. However, many of you will end up deleting or editing this automatic, first post and so you might miss out on some of these very useful links: 

Welcome to your brand new blog at COL Campus.

To get started, simply log in, edit or delete this post and check out all the other options available to you.

For assistance, visit our comprehensive support site, check out our Edublogs User Guide guide or stop by The Edublogs Forums to chat with other edubloggers.

You can also subscribe to our brilliant free publication, The Edublogger, which is jammed with helpful tips, ideas and more.