Free, almost free, and luxury

Please read this: “Learning Space Next Steps” by David Jakes.

Think about our space(s) here at the Inquiry Hub.

In a comment, please think of and share things that we can do to improve our learning spaces.

1. Things we can do for free.

2. Things we can do for almost free.

3. Things we can do, but would probably cost a lot (luxury).

You can work in groups, but you need at least one item in each category for each person in your group.

Be sure to explain your items… not just a list, but a description of what the item is, and why or how it will improve our learning spaces.

13 thoughts on “Free, almost free, and luxury

  1. free: come up with theme ideas (like outter space, or the 50’s) and make paper cut outs and hang then off the ceiling or stick onto the walls,

    almost free: come up with new color theme for school, repaint the class rooms

    luxury: More indoor plants, paper lanterns,

    We should decide on a theme for the furniture/ equipment we are gettin, like foresty, or psychedelic, or 50’s or oceanish or something.

  2. Sophia, Hannah, and Shauna

    Tie dye curtains
    Nice soap in the bathroom
    Students design posters

    Almost Free
    Colourful wall stickers
    Bean bag chairs and pillows
    Painting murals on the walls
    Everybody paints their own mugs
    Board games
    Fully stocked school supply area

    Modernly designed couches
    coffee/hot chocolate maker
    Small library
    Lights that don’t give you a headache

  3. We could raid Ikea and get a ton of cheap/cool furniture, like couches, lamps, tables, etc.

    Painting the walls would be nice too.

  4. By Meghan, Kayla, and Gabriel

    -Free section from craigslist

    Almost Free:

    -School stock of water balloons

    -Hand painted zombie gnomes for garden

    -Redesigning and customizing curtains
    (Fabric Sharpies, Bleach, Fabric Paint, Tie Dye)

    -Electronics cleaner
    ( )


    -Graphic Tablets

    -3D Printer

    -Hallway couches… For the hallway…

  5. 1. I believe something that is free, and also very easy, is removing the ladder in the gym. It is very annoying in the gym, so if it doesn’t really have a purpose, I don’t see any point in not removing them.

    2. The next idea that may cost some money, can involve only our learning rooms, or the whole school. Owen suggested today about an idea of using posters to decorate our room. However the problem is that people’s tastes are different. So my idea is covering the walls with transparent cellophane instead of anything else. If we do this, anyone can draw on it, and if others want something else, they can draw whatever they want to draw. If we really want something professional, we could call professional painters who usually paints, and make them do the same thing with pens that are erasable. Furthermore, if we cover the walls with cellophane, people will have less pressure on drawing things on there since they can be erased anytime. Also, I believe that if the whole wall is cellophane, we would feel like we have more freedom and space because we have less restrictions.

    3. The third one is probably something that everyone wants. remodelling the Gym, and making them bigger. Since we have the backyard cleared from the playground that used to be there, I believe that after lots of consideration and thinking, it will be worth doing, even if it is in far future. Of course it will cost a lot of money.

  6. free changes
    1-a: Hang up students artwork
    b: Make a documentary
    c: collection of current grants that the students can participate in.

    small cost changes
    2-a: Basic science lab equipment eyedroppers, tweezers, etc.
    b: Sacks full of pellets that attach to the chairs (like a bean-bag chair).
    c: Make a few benches and tables

    Large cost changes
    3-a: 3D printer
    b: Raspberry pi devices
    c: Smartboards and whiteboards instead of blackboards

  7. 1. Encourage students to bring their artwork (i.e. paintings, sketches, etc) to hang in the hallways. Maybe even do an art workshop now and then. Art can provide unique experiences which, according to the a documentary we watched, can help people think more critically, therefore improving the learning environment.

    2. a) Get some trampolines for the gym (not sure where they’d go). Craigslist often has free/cheap ones. Trampolines would encourage more exercise (outside of gym class) when many students would be on their PCs.

    2. b) Get more plants or find some other way to encourage people to get up close and personal with nature; such as suggesting more activities like the youth invasive plant removal committee. This would get more students outside/actively concerned about the environment.

    3. Redesign lunchroom. Though it’s functional it’s kind of ugly :(.

  8. I already posted my idas, but I want to add something to that. This is about the security part of the school.

    I believe that in order to feel comportable with this kind of technological learning spaces, we need to be able to know that our devices and stuff is safe. That’s why I think there should be cameras in each room that records the video of the day and keep it for about about a week before being erased. in this case, if anyone can come by and say that his stuff has gone missing, we can just replay the video to find where it is, or whether it was stolen or not. Also, if they know that there is a security camera, they wouldn’t try to steal it.

    In order for us to be comfortable with the place, we need to feel comfortable leaving our stuff behind, and having a security camera for each rooms, will definitely help. (except for gym). I don’t know how much a security camera costs, but since our school is small, it would be much cheaper than other school.