How to…

Create an instructional or ‘How To’ video. It can be as simple as ‘How to tie a shoe lace’ or ‘How to embed a video into a blog’.

Here are some videos that are instructional in different ways:

Also check out the Common Craft videos.

This is meant to be a QUICK video (Maximum 2 minutes!)


1a. Function – Does the video fill a need?

■ Clear organization that meets the target audience’s need. (After watching the video, someone will know exactly what they need to do.)

1b. Function – Is the video effective?
■ Instructions are well paced, being both detailed and yet still succinct. (Over-explaining is boring, under-explaining is frustrating, the video has found a good balance of the two.)

2a. Form – Visual
■ Video tells a story, (it follows a logical path, things ‘make sense’ in the order they appear). Effective use of titles (clear fonts, proper spelling and capitalization, not too simple but not too wordy), and transitions (they compliment rather than distract from the video).

2b. Form – Audio

■ Sound – Music (if used) is not copyrighted. Voice-overs (if used) or live sound is appropriate, clear and meaningful. Sound effects (if used) compliment and do not distract).


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