Is there an expert in the house?

Well, that depends on how big your ‘house’ is?

In this day and age, we have an incredible ability to reach out and connect to people who are considered experts in their field of study.

This morning, your task is to leave a comment on this blog that shares the following 3 or 4 things:

1. What is your inquiry question that you are currently working on?
2. Do some research and find out at least 1, but hopefully a few, ‘experts’ that you think could help you learn more about your topic. Try to find people that you think you might be able to contact. *Think about tools you can use to contact this person: email, twitter, Facebook, friend-of-a-friend, asking parents, asking teachers…
3. Will you make an effort to contact this person or these people? Why or why not?
4. If you have a link to some information about your inquiry that you can share (a blog post for example), please share that as well.

10 thoughts on “Is there an expert in the house?

  1. 1. My inquiry project is about optical illusions. During my experiments, I will try to find out if the optical illusions occur due to our eyes, or our brains.

    2. I know a pastor who used to work as a magician when he was young. Magic usually is very related to optical illusions, so if I contact him, I would be able to hear from a professional magician how some of the illusion magics are possible.

    3. I will try by best to contact him through facebook and church, but there are two main difficulties. First of all, he is not in our church. He is in a church that I know. I don’t even know the exact location. The second main reason is that he doesn’t like to show off his magic skills even though he s very good at it.

  2. Our inquiry question is Does lettuce sprout faster in soil our water?
    – Does lettuce sprout faster when assisted? Kayla and me

    -Does lettuce temperature affect the speed of lettuce sprouting?

    – What water content does lettuce sprout the fastest?
    Shauna and Hannah

    An expert in this area is named David Suzuki. He lives in the lower main land.

    We are not going to make an effort to contact him because all we have left to do is gather our results.

  3. Our group is Liam W and Owen W.

    1. Our current inquiry question is:
    How does classical, rock, and dubstep influence peoples ability to drive in need for speed?

    2. A psychologist like Robert Gjerdingen via email.

    3. Probably not because we don’t have very much time left for this inquiry.

  4. Wilson and Sophie.
    Our inquiry project is, how does life expectancy vary between first and third
    world countries when looking at health care systems?
    I found a few people who could possibly help us in our inquiry. But I only found Carlos Castillo-Salgado’s email.
    We might contact him or not. We’re not sure. But probably we will just read through his papers on this topic and keep his email handy just in case.

  5. Aaron and Chris

    1) Our question was Among the following breads which is better preserved from mold how it’s baked a white bread, a brown bread, a high sugar content bread, and a sour dough bread?

    2)One of the experts i found was named nicholas money. I found a address he works for with a office number I can also most likey find his e-mail there as well.

    3)No because it is a very basic and simple project and would not be worth the hassel.

  6. 1)My inquiry question that I am working on now is: Does having a food that you dislike next to you while you are eating one of your favorite foods change your eating experience?
    2) Carolyn Korsmeyer, Dept. of Philosophy, University of Buffalo.
    3) Yes, I will make an effort to contact this expert. Why? Why that is because It would help my inquiry to be more powerful.

  7. Elijah and Rico

    1) Our inquiry question is about the measure of g force changes during a turn.

    2) Peter Signell is an expert about physics, and we could contact about our inquiry project. He has released documents about the science of turning with circular motion.

    3) It might not be worth trying to contact him for our inquiry project- I believe it would be more work than it’s worth.

  8. I am currently researching into the affects of how color affects our perception, and in what ways.

    I found a website with a good source of how we see colour;, as well as multiple references:

    I don’t think that I will need to contact the author to gain any knowledge on the subject, as there appears to be enough information.

  9. Meghan & SCK

    1. Our new inquiry question is “How are different people affected by different versions of the same song?”

    2. Expert about our topic: Daniel J. Levitin – wrote two books: “This Is Your Brain On Music” and “The World in Six Songs”.

    3. We have decided not to contact this ‘expert’ for the time being, because we want to test our own experiment and see what results we will get first.

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